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Volunteer your time and talents  

The RABC depends on volunteers to help plan and host events like Homecoming, After Prom and the Raptor Trivia Bowl.  Volunteers also help the RABC run smoothly throughout the year by coordinating the school store and concessions. 


Volunteering your time to participate on committees doesn't require unique skills.  However, if you have talents that you think would benefit the RABC, we would love your support! Let us know how you would like to help!  



School Spirit Store

Julie Jensen

The School Spirit Store is in need of another manager to help with inventory and distribution.  This is a year-long position and is performed weekly to review orders and distribute the merchandise.

Please contact if you'd like to help. 



Kristi Foley

Marlene Garber

Tyler Stroebel

Erika Casey

While teams take turns staffing the concession stands, help is needed to transport items between SCHS and Everly-Montgomery field for home football and soccer games as well as other administrative needs.  


Contact the concessions team for info.

Homecoming BBQ & Parade 

Becky Gaccetta

Julie Jensen

Homecoming is a great community-building event that happens in.  RABC hosts a BBQ during homecoming week. The timing is August - September.  

Contact the RABC Vice Presidents if you'd like to help with this event.

Raptor Trivia Bowl

Leader Needed!

The Inagural Raptor Trivia Bowl was a huge success!  The 2023-24 event is planned for October/November!  If you love to organize events or want to help with this contact the RABC President for more info.

After Prom

Leader Needed!

The After Prom Committee plans and hosts the event including, fundraising, activity planning and volunteer coordination.   The timing is approximately February - April.


Contact the RABC Vice Presidents if you'd like to step up and help with this event.


Jamie Brown

Communications include the weekly newsletter, management of the website, and social media accounts.  If you have skills in web design, social media, graphic design or marketing, we want you!

Email with any changes, corrections, or new info to share.  Pictures are appreciated! 

Senior Tribute Team

Leader Needed!

This committee plans events and recognition for the seniors, including the Senior Breakfast.

Contact the RABC Vice Presidents if you'd like to step up and help in this role.


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