The Raptor Activities Booster Club (RABC) is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 parent volunteer organization working together with Silver Creek administration, coaches, teachers, and staff for the enrichment of activities and athletic programs at Silver Creek.  The success of our programs can not happen without the joint efforts of parents, coaches, and administration.  

RABC provides a place for parents of athletes and SCLA, and activity students within the Silver Creek community to come together and help build a great environment for our students.  It is an organization that strives to make Silver Creek an inclusive and safe place for our students and their families.  

We have many opportunities for parents to be involved in their students high school life without invading their space.  We all know teenagers can be sensitive about having their parents hanging around. Many of our volunteer opportunities are behind the scenes or keep you too busy to be a bother to your student.  Volunteering at the high school level gives you the opportunity to see and know what great things are going on in your student's school. 


Come to one of our club meetings or visit our volunteer page to see how you can get involved.